Which Coquitlam Parks Do Seniors Choose for the Best Weekend Picnics?

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August 24, 2023
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Weekend picnics offer seniors the opportunity to reconnect with nature, enjoy fresh air, and engage in gentle physical activity. They’re a multi-faceted experience that can be both invigorating and restorative. Numerous studies consistently highlight the positive impact that nature can have on mental well-being. Underscoring the therapeutic effects of spending time in green spaces.

Nestled between the mountains and rivers, there are an array of parks in Coquitlam ideal for a picnic. Whether you seek vibrant gardens, tranquil lakes, or shaded trails, this city offers an inviting green space for seniors.

Como Lake Park

Golden afternoon view of the water at Como Lake Park in Coquitlam

Como Lake Park boasts well-maintained, accessible walking trails that allow seniors to move at their own pace. Perfect for leisurely strolls where one can breathe deeply and appreciate the natural surroundings. With stunning views all year round, Como Lake Park in Coquitlam is a paradise for photographers and artists.

Scattered throughout the park are idyllic picnic areas, each offering a unique vantage point of the lake and gardens. Many of these spots are equipped with tables and benches, plus the park has washrooms onsite. It even offers free Wi-Fi for visitors as part of Coquitlam’s “smart city” initiative.

Mundy Park

Urban forest trail at Mundy Park in Coquitlam highlighting springtime lichen-covered trees and branches

From towering trees to delicate wildflowers, Mundy Park is a biodiverse oasis. Here, seniors can be amateur naturalists for the day, observing darting squirrels and birds serenading from the treetops. As one of the largest parks in Coquitlam, you’ll find two lakes and several walking trails that crisscross the verdant expanse. Stop by the Mundy Memorial Tree as you meander past Lost Lake, or grab a book and enjoy the serenity of Mundy Lake.

The park offers a plethora of shaded picnic spots. Seniors can unwind and picnic in comfort, even during the peak of summer. Washrooms are well-kept and you’ll find an array of other recreational amenities such as a playground, golf course, and sports fields. Navigating this park is a breeze, thanks to its gentle and well-kept trails that are perfect for those looking for low-impact exercise. There’s parking available even an off-leash dog park if you want to bring your furry friend!

Mackin Park

Grassy slopes and table tennis at Mackin Park in Coquitlam

Mackin Park is a living tribute to Coquitlam’s French Canadian heritage, with historical markers and sculptures that narrate a fascinating cultural tale. Choose a spot near one of these historical markers for a picturesque picnic setting.

In March you can experience the incredible Festival du Bois. It’s an annual, senior-friendly Coquitlam festival celebrating French-Canadian culture.

The park is designed with inclusivity in mind, boasting flat and smooth paths that are easy to navigate for seniors with varying mobility levels. Out with the grandkids? They’ll love the outdoor sports and recreation facilities like the skate park or playground. It’s also one of the Coquitlam parks with free Wi-Fi, so you could video chat with friends and family while you picnic.

Town Centre Park

A beautiful view over Lafarge Lake in Coquitlam

Town Centre Park is well-known for sports and outdoor fitness, but it’s also home to a five-hectare lake. At Lafarge Lake, seniors can revel in the simple, tranquil pleasure of fishing or feeding the ducks that gracefully navigate the water. As dusk approaches, witness the breathtaking beauty of the fountain lights with seasonal displays.

With abundant seating options, seniors can enjoy the perfect lakeside spot for their picnic, free from the worry of setup and takedown. Park amenities include washrooms, concession stands, plus free Wi-Fi and parking.

Blue Mountain Park

Winding pavement and alpine trees in Blue Mountain Park — one of the best parks in Coquitlam for a picnic

Blue Mountain Park holds a special place in the hearts of locals, as a cherished community hub and one of its original parks. The lovely urban forest has easy walking trails that wind through oak, cedar, Douglas Fir, and even a few Redwood trees.

A multigenerational retreat, the park also contains a sizeable playground and grassy playing fields. Making it a delight for the whole family.

With its serene ambiance and stunning natural beauty, it’s no wonder that Blue Mountain Park is a beloved destination for the senior community. As one of the best parks in Coquitlam for a picnic, you’ll find proper picnic shelters and tidy washroom facilities here.

Cottonwood Park

A garden path leading into Cottonwood Park in Coquitlam

In 2018 Cottonwood Park underwent a major expansion spanning several years to add new gathering spaces and amenities. It’s a playful little area with paved walkways and gentle grassy slopes. Art installations pepper the landscape, manicured gardens create a colourful atmosphere, and there’s ample playground space and sporting fields to keep the grandkids entertained.

Seniors can take refuge from the sun under one of the many picturesque picnic shelters. The Coquitlam park also has modern conveniences such as restrooms and a parking lot.

ƛ̓éxətəm (tla-hut-um) Regional Park

Signage greeting visitors to the ƛ̓éxətəm (tla-hut-um) Regional Park in Coquitlam

An exceptional picnic destination for seniors. ƛ̓éxətəm (tla-hut-um) Regional Park is a serene natural environment comprised of wetlands, fields, and hedgerows. The park is imbued with cultural significance, presenting visitors with the chance to engage with history through its detailed signage.

A network of well-maintained, relatively flat trails that are perfect for leisurely strolls weave throughout the park. Allowing seniors of all mobility levels to comfortably explore its beautiful surroundings.

For a picnic, seniors will find designated areas with tables where they can enjoy their meal amidst the calming ambiance of nature. Plus, ƛ̓éxətəm Regional Park tends to be less crowded than other local parks, offering seniors a peaceful, uncrowded setting for a delightful outdoor meal.

Amenities include a parking lot with EV charging stations, bicycle trails, and leashed dog-walking.

Planning the Perfect Picnic

Heading outdoors for a picnic is a delightful affair, but it requires a little preparation. Organizing a checklist ensures a carefree and comfortable picnic experience.

Packing Your Picnic

Staying hydrated is vital, so water and iced tea are must-haves.

Pack light and refreshing foods. Easy-to-eat items like finger sandwiches, fresh fruit, and salads are always a hit. To end on a sweet note, try finger foods like lemon bars or fruit tarts.

Sun Protection

Wide-brimmed hats, broad-spectrum sunblock, and sunglasses are a must.

Seniors are especially vulnerable to heat exhaustion, so it’s essential to recognize the signs so you can stay safe.

Keeping Comfort in Mind

Comfort reigns supreme for seniors enjoying the outdoors. A plush cushion or soft blanket can also make a world of difference on those hard park benches.

Games & Activities

A game of bocce or horseshoes can transform a simple picnic into a lively gathering. Card games or board games can be just as thrilling.

Or why not pair your picnic with a touch of creativity? Painting, photography, and even knitting can be a fantastic way to have fun on your picnic.

Parks in Coquitlam for picnics are also ideal for practicing meditation or gentle yoga. Transform your picnic into a holistic experience that nourishes the mind, body, and spirit.

Transportation Options for Seniors Getting to the Parks

Some parks have public parking available for seniors who prefer driving to their picnic destination. Otherwise, seniors have a range of public transit options in Coquitlam to help them easily reach the city’s picturesque parks.

Extensive bus routes connect various neighbourhoods in Coquitlam with key park locations. Seniors in Coquitlam are eligible for discounted fares through the BC Bus Pass Program or the Compass Card.

Additionally, some parks, such as Lafarge Lake, are directly accessible from SkyTrain stations.

The Joy of Picnicking for Seniors in Coquitlam

Picnics are a timeless and cherished activity for people of all ages, and seniors are no exception. With just a bit of planning, a picnic can become more than a meal outdoors. You can make it can an enriching experience filled with joy, creativity, and connection.