Lifeline: 24/7 Personal Safety Monitoring System

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November 21, 2014
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Jennifer B
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Welcome to our first blog on the Earl Haig Retirement Residence website!

When you’ve made the decision to live independently in the wonderful and supportive environment here at Earl Haig, you know you are always in good hands! We want to encourage your safety and feeling of security as much as possible, which is why we’d like to introduce you to LIFELINE – a 24-hour personal safety monitoring system for elder care.


  • Are you are home alone on a frequent basis?
  • Are you are at risk for falls?
  • Do you use adaptive devices to assist you with walking?
  • Are you are managing a medical condition?
  • Would you or your loved ones feel more comfortable knowing help was always available if you couldn’t reach the telephone or door?


The Lifeline device is worn as a bracelet or a pendant to be worn around the neck. When activated in an emergency, your first responders (see below) will be notified immediately.

Help at the Push of a Button
If you are in need of assistance, all you need to do is push the button on your Lifeline device to activate the emergency service. Lifeline-trained professionals with access to your complete profile will contact you immediately to see what you need. If you are unable to respond, Lifeline will send help right away.

For an extra monthly fee, your device can be used to auto-detect if you have had a fall and are unable to press the Lifeline button yourself.

First Responders
You can choose who Lifeline contacts in the event of an emergency. Our policy at Earl Haig dictates that 911 must be listed as your first responder. After that, it can be family members, friends, or neighbours within 10 minutes of your home. Choose people whom you trust to have a key to your home.

All that you need to use Lifeline is an operational telephone jack (an active land-line) that has an electrical outlet close to it. Lifeline will be operating wireless service in the near future (Spring of 2015) for those with cellular telephones.


For more information, call Lifeline at 1 800 387 8120 or visit:

Author – Jennifer, Administrator/Earl Haig Retirement Residence

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