Mastering Public Transit Coquitlam for Elderly Residents on the Move

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September 12, 2023
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Coquitlam has a lot to see, from weekend picnic spots to affordable restaurants. When you master public transit, the city is your oyster, no matter your age. Knowing how to get around extends your independence, keeps you active, and opens the door to social opportunities.

Overview of Coquitlam’s Senior Transportation Options

The City of Coquitlam has partnered with TransLink to offer public transit services for individuals of every age and ability. Senior residents can travel throughout the city via an array of public transit options:

  • West Coast Express and Skytrain
  • TransLink Bus routes
  • HandyDART door-to-door service
  • Park and Ride stations

West Coast Express and Skytrain for Senior Transportation

West Coast Express for Long-Distance Senior Transit

Skip the traffic jams and parking woes. The West Coast Express is a delightful way to travel between Mission and Vancouver. With plush seats and scenic views, you travel in comfort.

Station attendants are available to assist customers with wheelchairs or mobility issues. The station also has a wheelchair boarding section to make it easier to get into the train car.

Skytrain for Local Senior-Friendly Commuting

The Skytrain isn’t just for the work rush. It’s a smart option for senior transportation in Coquitlam.

Residents can travel the Millennium Line which goes from East Vancouver, passes through Burnaby, and extends into Port Moody and Coquitlam. It’s fast and runs frequently. With stations close to shopping centres and parks, it’s practical for daily adventures.

All Skytrain stations have elevators for passengers with mobility aids or who have issues climbing stairs or escalators.

Any mobility aids must be able to be able to fit through the fare gate (accessibility gates are 107cm wide). Once on the platform, look for the wheelchair symbol on the exterior train door — this signifies a wheelchair space in the car.

Should you require the assistance of of station attendant you’ll need to call ahead.

Tips for a Smooth Senior Transit Experience

Station entrances are gated with a card reader. Just tap your ticket or credit card on the card reader and the gate will open automatically. Tickets are dispensed from an automated machine located at the entrance of each station. But to maximize your savings it’s best to get a Compass Card.

Fares for the West Coast Express and Skytrain are divided into zones. Adults over the age of 65 are entitled to a discounted fare.

Using public transit becomes simpler when you’re aware of what’s in store, especially if you have accessibility needs. Check the Translink website for more accessibility information.

TransLink Buses for Senior Transit Around  Coquitlam

Inside an empty TransLink bus

TransLink has an extensive network of buses, trolleys, and Community Shuttles that link to essential hubs, transfer stations, SkyTrain locations, and popular destinations throughout Metro Vancouver. Buses are the easiest way for seniors to get around Coquitlam.

All buses are wheelchair accessible and have priority seating for seniors. With a display indicating the next stop as well as an audible announcement, TransLink buses are a smooth ride for seniors.

Switching to the Skytrain or West Coast Express is just as easy. Keep your ticket or Compass Card handy for a seamless transition. It won’t double-charge you and it automatically registers you’re going into a new zone.

Staying up-to-date with bus schedules and routes makes your trips even more convenient. To help you out, the TransLink Trip Planner lets you find schedules tailored to your specific needs. And for those looking to incorporate physical activity into their routine, the TransLink network easily connects to senior-friendly fitness facilities.

Lastly, don’t fret about holiday schedules. TransLink buses operate even on public holidays, ensuring you can get where you need to go, any day of the year.

HandyDART for Mobility Challenges

HandyDART is a door-to-door rideshare service that can be used on a single-trip or subscription basis. Booking is simple. Customers call ahead, and schedule their HandyDART bus trip. Vehicles are wheelchair accessible and drivers assist passengers from door to door.

The service is ideal for short trips like medical appointments or grocery shopping. For more long-distance outings, perhaps regular public transit of the TaxiSavers program would be more suitable.

HandyDART or Regular Transit?

HandyDART is only available for people with a physical, sensory, or cognitive impairment who cannot use standard public transit. Unless you have such a disability you won’t be able to register as a HandyDART customer.


This photo-ID card provides cardholders and their attendant with discounted fares on all TransLink transportation services.

Coquitlam’s Park and Ride System

Seniors can drive their car to the station, park it, and hop on public transit. There are also bike lockers for those who prefer to cycle to the station. Locations abound in Coquitlam. Find the Park and Ride closest to you, park, and away you go to explore the city.

Park and Ride blends the best of both worlds, particularly useful for those in areas less served by public transit. Rates are affordable but there are no discounts for seniors. Parking costs range from $1.00 to $4.00 depending on the duration.

Blending Modes for Coquitlam Transit Convenience

Why choose one when you can have both? Pair up the Skytrain with the TransLink Bus for efficient senior transportation in Coquitlam. Or park your car at a station to take the Skytrain and switch to a bus.

The possibilities are endless, especially if you’re looking to maximize convenience.

Combining modes gives flexibility but may require some waiting time. Choose based on your schedule and comfort level.

Empowering Senior Travel With Coquitlam Transit

Transit isn’t just a way to move — it’s a way to live. From local activities for seniors to Coquitlam’s vibrant festivals, the city offers endless opportunities. So, grab that Compass Card and let Coquitlam become your playground.