7 Ways Coquitlam Has Perfected Senior Accessibility for Modern Independent Living

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November 2, 2023
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Growing older often comes with a blend of experiences and challenges that emerge as health, fitness, and mobility begin to decline. The potential loss of independence looms like a spectre and the world can feel a little less accessible than it once was.

But the city of Coquitlam is reshaping this narrative.

Coquitlam is on a mission to improve accessibility citywide. Establishing itself as a haven of senior accessibility. It’s drawing seniors eager for a lifestyle marked by autonomy within a supportive community. Paving the way for a modern experience in senior independent living in Coquitlam

1. Coquitlam’s Accessibility Plan

Coquitlam is nurturing a promising future with its initiative of Accessibility Plan. The city began this monumental journey in 2023 with project preparations, laying the groundwork for work to begin in 2024.

Evolving from a broader focus on diversion and inclusion, the Accessibility Plan recognizes that barriers can be both visible, invisible, and systemic. Developed under the guidance of the Universal Access-Ability Advisory Committee to move the city towards universal accessibility. This blueprint promises a barrier-free environment where seniors can thrive by targeting core issues impeding senior accessibility.

Solutions will manifest in the physical, social, and service landscapes of Coquitlam. The plan is a long-term commitment, ensuring that seniors can lead a vibrant and self-reliant life in the heart of Coquitlam.

2. Universal Access-Ability Advisory Committee

The establishment of this advisory committee marks a proactive step towards understanding and addressing accessibility issues. The committee’s mandate is to provide invaluable insights about physical, mental, emotional, and cultural accessibility to the council.

Not merely a reactionary measure, the committee is a forward-thinking approach to achieving universal accessibility. Fostering a dialogue between the city and its senior residents, ensuring their needs are not just heard but acted upon. Through this advisory committee, Coquitlam is building a bridge towards a more inclusive and accessible senior living landscape.

3. Infrastructure Upgrades

Wheelchair ramp with guardrails

Coquitlam is investing in a future where buildings and public spaces are welcoming to all. With substantial contributions from the Rick Hansen Foundation, the city is enhancing the accessibility of three key buildings:

⦁ Poirier Sport and Leisure Complex
⦁ Dogwood Pavilion
⦁ Town Centre Park Community Centre (formerly the Innovation Centre)

These accessibility improvements are designed to benefit all so that everyone can have meaningful access to community facilities. Upgrades to the facilities include comprehensive signage, vehicle access, entrance improvements, washroom accessibility, and even a revamp of emergency systems.

It’s a stride towards creating spaces that are not merely functional but are conducive to the wellbeing and independence of seniors.

4. Services for 50 Plus

Life doesn’t slow down after 50, and Coquitlam is ensuring it ramps up its range of services and activities for senior residents. Coquitlam community centre programs for seniors foster community, wellness, and an active lifestyle.

From workshops to sports and exercise classes, to simple social gatherings like gaming groups or book clubs. These services for seniors are tailored to various skill, ability, and fitness levels. This initiative encapsulates the essence of modern independent living. Promoting a culture of inclusivity and active engagement amongst seniors.

5. HEROS Program

Emergencies can be daunting, especially for seniors. The HEROS program empowers seniors by providing crucial information and resources on emergency preparedness. Through education they aim to instil a sense of security among seniors. Knowing that they are equipped to handle emergencies, seniors can embrace the freedom and independence that Coquitlam offers.

6. Senior Services Strategy

This strategy is a roadmap to a welcoming, senior-focused environment. Amidst a demographic shift, Coquitlam’s strategic approach ensures enriched senior living, blending modern amenities with senior accessibility.

Initiatives like the Senior Services Strategy demonstrate the city is forward-thinking in preparing for evolving recreation and cultural needs among its residents. This holistic approach underscores Coquitlam’s commitment to fostering a dynamic, engaging, and accessible environment, making the city a prime choice for modern independent living.

It’s a pledge to meet the unique needs and interests of seniors, ensuring they have a nurturing and engaging community to thrive in.

7. Community Recreation Programs

Recreation is the spice of life, and the city is promoting a holistic approach via Coquitlam seniors activities. With a rich array of community recreation programs tailored to older residents. These diverse programs have senior accessibility in mind, encouraging them to step out, get active, and engage with their community.

It’s this celebration of life that enhances the allure of independent living in Coquitlam.

Senior Accessibility in Modern Living

The meticulous care with which Coquitlam has crafted its senior accessibility initiatives shines through. It’s a compelling choice for seniors seeking an enriching, independent lifestyle. The blend of modern amenities and proactive accessibility measures fosters a community where seniors are not merely living but thriving.

Coquitlam beckons you to experience a lifestyle where the golden years are indeed golden, embodying the perfect blend of modernity and accessibility.