“What Do You Like About Living Or Working At The Earl Haig Retirement Residence?”

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May 4, 2015
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Jennifer B
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Nothing better than word of mouth to get the real goods on the quality of a product or service!  Take it from the experts – people who have been there, done that, seen it, LIVED IT!

So, what are people saying about what it’s like to live at our retirement home?  THE CONSENSUS IS IN!

“I like everything.  I like the bus right here that goes to Dogwood.  I love the people, everybody’s friendly and wonderful, the workers, the people.  Everyone helps everyone.  I’m so glad I live here.  I can have my dogs.”

BRYAN (our resident technical ‘guru’)
“I get to be helpful!  The people, both staff and residents who enrich my life, make me feel needed, and provide an outlet for my abilities.”

“I felt at home here as soon as I moved in.”

“It’s nice because the people are all so friendly.”

“Friendly atmosphere, joyful spirit, very supportive staff and management, lots of entertainment, healthy food, and the public transit is so convenient.”

“The staff are absolutely wonderful, I can’t say enough about them.  All the tenants are just so friendly, it’s a great group.  I’m very comfortable in my suite, I just enjoy it so much, and the grounds and the flowers in the back.  The coffee is so good and always so hot, I look forward to it every morning.  I tell my children all the time that everything is so good.  And the entertainment is wonderful.  I tell my children about it all the time.”

“I like everything.  It’s one big happy family.”

“I just enjoy myself.  No housework.  I feel like a princess.”

“Everything is wonderful.”

“It’s nice and quiet.  The way they keep the grass and yard, so nice and neat.  Friendly people.  The meals are good.  I’ve got a cat, so my patio is great for him.”


And why do people like to work at the Earl Haig Retirement Residence?  THE STAFF HAS SPOKEN!

EMILY (Service)
“The people!”

ALISHA (Service)
“Everyone’s all friendly and having fun and has a smile for you.”

JENNIFER (Administrator)
“This is the best work environment I’ve been in.  The management are real people who genuinely care about other real people, including their employees.  The staff are fun and caring, and are great at their jobs.  There isn’t a day that I don’t look forward to being at work. I love all of our tenants, and sharing that love is the best feeling in the world.”

DEBBIE (Regular Visiting Independent Care Worker)
“The people.  Always a nice warm atmosphere.  I never want to leave.  The staff is very friendly.  The suites are really nice and the building is nicely maintained.”


SO!  Now that the word is in, come on over to the EARL HAIG RETIREMENT RESIDENCE in BEAUTIFUL COQUITLAM and see for yourself our wonderful INDEPENDENT LIVING community!

For more information or to book a tour, please call us at 604 937 3790.

Author – Jennifer, Administrator/Earl Haig Retirement Residence