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June 21, 2015
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Jennifer B
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Seniors Homes and Preschools Mix!

Seniors and children get along well. I remember as a young girl of 4 or 5, how close I felt to my Grandmother, how safe she was, how warm, how kind, how funny!  And she knew things!  There never was a time I didn’t want to see my Grandma!

Working at Coquitlam’s Earl Haig Retirement Residence allows me the opportunity to see many visiting grandchildren and great grandchildren who come to see our wonderful residents – their family members.  I see that same attraction between young and old reflected in these visits.  The little ones are not afraid to take the hand of a ‘grandma’ or a ‘granddad’.  Their eyes light up, there’s a resonance of trust reflected in the young one’s face.  There’s a calm that comes upon the young one in the presence of elders, almost a feeling of being understood and unconditionally accepted.

And it’s not just limited to family members!  One such visiting youngling came in with some family members and said, “Can we go in the rec room?  I want to go be with all the grandmas!” What a heart melter!  Whenever young ones come into our retirement community, I consistently witness how at ease and happy they are to take the association of seniors.

The pairing of seniors and children is known to have many benefits for both!  I came across a wonderful article about an assisted living seniors residence that decided to double up as a preschool, and the results are astounding!


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Author – Jennifer, Administrator/Earl Haig Retirement Residence