Seniors Dancing

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June 12, 2016
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Jennifer B
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Seniors dancing?

The best way to feel young is to act young, keep young!

One common thread through every culture is DANCE. I doubt there is anything more fun that
keeps you fit! Dancing for seniors is not only healthy for the body, but healthy for the mind
because it’s joyous!

Don’t let your age limitations stop you from moving to the music, but also, be safe and don’t
injure yourself. There are dancing exercises for seniors if you’re too wobbly to dance – you can
dance in your chair, tap your feet, move your hands in a fun way. You can even dance with your
eyes. Music is healing for the soul, so DANCE, any way you can!

Take inspiration from some awesome seniors dancing!

At Coquitlam’s Earl Haig, we have a wonderful entertainment program with great musicians that can keep you moving, however, or wherever you move!

If you’re looking for a regular place to boogie, where meals are included, give us a call for an appointment and come on by for a tour!

604 937 9790

Author – Jennifer B.
Operations Manager/Earl Haig Retirement Residence