3 Hidden Gems in Coquitlam That Every Retiree Should Visit

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September 7, 2023
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Feeling like you’ve seen it all in Coquitlam? Think again. Many often grapple with finding things to do for seniors that aren’t just the usual tourist spots.  Perhaps you’ve been to the senior-friendly Coquitlam festivals, but the city hides secrets waiting to be unveiled. 

There are hidden gems Coquitlam has kept off the main track that might just reignite that adventurous spirit within you. So, if you’re yearning for new experiences without the bustle of Coquitlam’s more popular destinations, let’s dive into some lesser-known treasures fit for retirees.

1. Patina Brewing Co.

Enjoying a beer flight on the outdoor patio at Patina Brewing in Port Coquitlam

Most locals are familiar with Brewers Row, renowned in the tri-cities for its craft beer microbreweries like Yellow Dog, Twin Sails Brewing, Parkside, and Moody Ales. However, a short distance away in Port Coquitlam lies one of the hidden gems Coquitlam has to offer: Patina Brewing. Nestled discreetly down a side street, this local brewpub boasts spacious indoor and outdoor seating areas. Guests can enjoy reasonably priced beers, encompassing both staple brews and seasonal favorites.

Birthed from the collective dream of founders Erin and Greg Moore, Patina stands as a testament to the heart and spirit of their hometown, Port Coquitlam. With profound ties to their community, their aspiration transcended establishing a mere business. Instead, Patina emerged as a communal hub, a place where individuals converge, connect, and experience a profound sense of kinship.

For those keeping a keen eye on their finances, it’s worth noting that tipping isn’t necessary here. Rather than reaching for their wallets, patrons are encouraged to convey their appreciation through heartfelt words or an online review. In a refreshing twist, Patina is revolutionizing the hospitality sector by ensuring their team receives a living wage. This initiative underscores their unwavering dedication to the community and showcases fun things for seniors to do while also supporting a great cause.

2. Gabi & Jules Handmade Pies & Baked Goodness

Pastries and baked treats behind a glass display counter at Gabi & Jules Handmade Pies & Baked Goodness

Gabi & Jules emerged as a branch of the renowned Caffe Divano. The inception of their pie-baking venture took place at the Port Moody Divano back in 2015, initially offering their pies at the Coquitlam Farmers Market. It didn’t take long for these pies to captivate the taste buds of many. By July 2016, they had an independent bakery and quickly established themselves as hidden gem Coquitlam residents and visitors adored

From day one they’ve sought to  craft products using only genuine, natural ingredients. With a menu that changes in tandem with the seasons. 

Today, they not only tantalize with their classic pies but an assortment of baked goodies and  even DIY BBQ bundles. Their zest for innovation never wanes, evidenced by their weekly Feature Pie days, an event where they experiment and introduce new pie varieties.

While it’s a bit pricey to be a frequent visited restaurant for senior foodies in Coquitlam. The fun vibe of the café and ever-changing menu certainly make it one of the fun things for seniors to do around Coquitlam.

3. Coquitlam River Walk

Hikers walking along the forest trail next to the Coquitlam River on a sunny day

Go beyond Coquitlam parks picture-perfect picnic spots. Nestled within 165 acres of parkland is the Coquitlam River Park. Boasting a vast network of forest walking trails spanning an impressive 9.8 kilometers. Among these trails is the one of the hidden gems Coquitlam has tucked away — the Coquitlam River Walk. An inviting 2.9-km loop that typically takes about 33 minutes to traverse. It offers visitors the serenity and peace they crave, especially during the more tranquil hours. 

Ideal for birding and nature enthusiasts, this serene trail is an easy walk and one of Coquitlam’s great things to do for seniors. Its wide expanse of the trail caters to both walkers and mountain bikers. Canine companions are also welcome but must remain leashed.

April to September stands out as the prime time to explore this trail. On sweltering summer days, the shaded trail provides refuge from the heat. As the calendar flips to November through March, expect to witness the river in its most vibrant and dynamic state, thanks to the heavy rains and spring melt. Despite the rains, the dense tree canopy overhead will protect hikers from all but the most heavy downpours. 

However, while the beauty beckons, visitors should tread with respect, keeping in mind the ecologically sensitive zones. It’s also essential to remain vigilant as black bears are occasional visitors throughout the year.

This watershed holds immense significance for the Kwikwetlem Nation, whose heritage intertwines deeply with the river’s history. Today, the Kwikwetlem Band members continue to reside alongside the Coquitlam River, championing both their rich culture and the protection of the environment.

Maximizing the Joy of Your Coquitlam Retirement

Although Coquitlam teems with senior recreational activities, retirees can still uncover pockets of wonder. These hidden gems in Coquitlam offer delightful social, culinary, and adventurous experiences. From the rustling leaves of serene trails to the rich aromas of local bakeries and the refreshing sips of craft brews. 

Discovering new and fun things for seniors to do is what makes life worth living. After all, every retiree deserves to add a bit of sparkle to their journey, and these gems shine brighter than most.