Senior-Friendly Fitness in Coquitlam: Sports to Feel Young Again

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September 8, 2023
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Growing older can feel like your body is rebelling against you, especially in the realm of fitness for seniors. It’s not uncommon to hear a creak in the knees or feel the reluctance of once sprightly muscles. Finding fitness regimes that meet the physical changes of our bodies can be a challenge. 

Thankfully the city has caught onto this. Fitness for seniors is clearly a priority within the community rather than an oversight. The city strongly promotes fitness for its elderly residents. There are a variety of senior recreation activities in Coquitlam as well as sports and athletics to get the body moving. 

Dive in as we explore senior-friendly fitness places in Coquitlam to get you feeling young again.

Coquitlam City Parks & Fitness Facilities

The city of Coquitlam has a range of senior-friendly activities and classes. Seniors receive discounted rates for fitness and recreation class via ONEPASS. Then there is also a generous Financial Assistance for Recreation (FAR) program to encourage participation in fitness activities.

Walking, Jogging, or Cycling

Walking, jogging, and cycling offer seniors low-impact, cardiovascular exercises that enhance heart health and muscle tone. These activities boost stamina, improve joint flexibility, and aid in weight management. Plus they can be easily tailored to fit individual fitness levels.

Many of the Coquitlam parks great for picnics are also great for walking, jogging, or cycling. City parks like Mundy Park and Como Lake are a scenic way to get some cardio in. 

Swimming & Water Aerobics

The buoyancy of water supports the body, reducing stress on joints and muscles. This makes it an ideal environment for those with arthritis or mobility concerns. Moreover, water provides resistance, enhancing muscle strength and cardiovascular health without the high-impact stress of traditional exercises. 

Poirier Sport & Leisure Complex or the City Centre Aquatic Complex are the places to go. 

Yoga & Pilates

Four seniors happily doing yoga in a sunny park

Focusing on flexibility, balance, and core strength. These low-impact exercises help improve posture and enhance mobility. As adaptable practices, they offer modifications to suit individual capabilities, ensuring fitness for seniors is both safe and beneficial.

Tai Chi or Qigong

Perfect for senior fitness, these exercises work on flexibility and joint health without straining them. Tai Chi and Qigong also enhance balance, which aids in preventing falls and injuries. 

As low-impact activities, it’s fitness for seniors that nurtures both the body’s strength and the mind’s tranquility.

Sports & Athletics at Seniors Societies

The Glen Pine 50 Plus Society and the Dogwood Pavilion Seniors Society provide elderly residents in Coquitlam with fun and enriching activities.  

Bocce Ball

Bocce Ball is a leisurely yet strategic game. It promotes gentle physical activity, improving hand-eye coordination and balance. The game’s social nature fosters community engagement, while strategizing in Bocce Ball keeps the mind sharp, enhancing cognitive functions. 

Overall, Bocce Ball offers fitness for seniors that’s both mentally stimulating and physically engaging.


Dance classes invigorate senior fitness, combining rhythm with movement. Enhancing coordination, balance, and cardiovascular health. Beyond the physical benefits, dancing uplifts the spirit, reduces stress, and fosters social connections. 

It’s a joyful way for seniors to stay active and engaged, promoting both physical and emotional well-being.


Group of seniors playing an intense match of pickleball on a sunny outdoor court

A dynamic sport that boosts senior fitness by enhancing agility, coordination, and stamina. It’s a low-impact game that’s kind on joints, yet remains entertaining. 

The sport’s social nature promotes camaraderie, making it a fun, social activity for seniors.

Choose to Move Senior Fitness Programs

Choose to Move isn’t a fitness class, but rather an innovative program for seniors who struggle to get into a fitness routine. Created by the Active Aging Research Team at the University of British Columbia to get seniors active and promote healthy aging. Using evidence-based research, they devised a framework to help seniors form habits around exercise and fitness. 

It’s a free service where a coach works one-on-one with elderly Coquitlam residents. Tailoring activity plans aligned to their personal goals, while providing support along the way. Activity plans can range from gardening to yoga based on what you like and your schedule. Their priority is just to get you moving.

Being active sometimes feels like a chore. Choose to Move will keep you motivated while helping hold yourself accountable so you can feel energized and inspired.

Preparing for Your Fitness Journey

Before starting any fitness journey check in with your doctor. They can help guide your fitness path to make sure you choose an appropriate activity.

Next, it’s time to gear up. The activity you decide to pursue will determine what kind of clothing and accessories you need. You can also use wearable health tech to track fitness so you know if you’re achieving your fitness goals..

Always do a 10-15 minute warm-up before you start exercising. It might be tempting but don’t skip the warm-up. It readies your body for the activity you’re about to do so you can avoid injuries. 

Lastly, listen to your body during any physical activity and know when to stop.

Active Aging to Stay Fit

Smiling group of senior friends after an outdoor yoga session

Coquitlam’s fitness for seniors is challenging stereotypes. Demonstrating  age is just a number as older community members live longer and healthier lives.

Senior fitness is more than just physical health. Fitness and aging with vibrancy are tightly connected. Resulting in higher energy levels, boosting confidence, improving mental health, and creating a zest for life.

By setting clear goals, seniors will find it easier to stick to a fitness schedule. Celebrating all victories, big or small, will keep you motivated. While a fitness buddy makes it special and helps hold you accountable.